Our Story

We are an independent, family owned business who started brewing seriously in early 2019, not long after our family life changed and grew in Rozelle, Sydney. Here’s how it happened…

At 1:45am on a warm Monday morning, we stood at RPA hospital in Sydney staring down at our newborn son. His eyes still closed shut and a whole life of adventure and opportunity ahead of him. As all parents will agree, it’s the most magical feeling in the world.

It is also, the scariest feeling in the world, instant fear, anxiety and the absence of ‘me‘ time, which as an only child was challenging for Dad!
In the first three months of his life, our jobs also changed significantly. Our anxiety grew and grew with no release.

Over the course of many sleepless nights, cradling our son to sleep, we reflected on the independence we’d enjoyed before he arrived on the scene with his big blue eyes flashing. We had increased heart rates, angst and cortisol running through our body’s constantly.

I (Dad) definitely needed something to take my busy mind away from work and family before I broke. I needed a project that I was passionate about – creating great quality, flavoursome, hoppy beer.


In March 2019, we invested in a lot of beer making equipment – with no intention to do things half arsed, we went all in on some quality gear, decked out our garage with a 3 tap pouring system for 60 litres and started studying beer… Drinking, mixing, trying different recipes, temperatures, hops, yeast, and grain. You’ll read below that making beer is much like making a cake, a recipe, with lots of variables and calculations to alter the result.

The beer began to take shape, and more importantly my brain had another focus, my hormones hopped, skipped and celebrated whilst anxiety decreased. I would devote hours and hours in the evenings and weekends making Pale Ales, Milk Stouts, IPAs, NEIPAs, Cider and more.

Fast-forward to the end of 2020 and Springside Brewing is alive. We partnered with a large facility and launched the production of thousands of 375ml cans of beer for sale across Australia in November 2020.

We’ve networked with some amazing people along the way and even found our way into the ‘local luvvas’ competition that BWS were running in October before our beer was in full circulation!

Today, we're found as far as Cairns, and Perth. We're stocked in Dan Murphys, BWS, Boozebud and many local bottle shops and venues. Oh... and we're soon to become a family of 4!

Our hope – that you love our beers!